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We achieve this by a three-layer architecture
VR is basically the interaction layer that provides the interface for the citizens to participate, contribute and live in the environment(s)

Blockchain provides the ownership layer where you are the owner of the assets that you have built or earned over time. The cryptographic proof of ownership ensures that under no circumstances can your Dencity life be snatched away from you.

The Blockchain layer also acts as a governance layer as the Metaverse will need rules and regulations decided by the citizens.

With a deep integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence our system constantly learns how you are as a person and can predict or carry out your actions even when you are offline thus giving your avatar(Metaverse Parallel) the pseudo-freedom to carry out tasks and take decisions in your absence.

Our intelligent AI algorithms help generate environments that are constantly evolving as the number of citizens join, interact and transact.

Phase One – Homestead Nebula

Our Phase One users have the chance to build, buy and transact in DenCity’s First ever civilization – Homestead Nebula. The civilization will have all the basic amenities to start your new life
Land for Sale

Purchase pieces of land to build your houses. You can even rent and sell your real estate to other citizens

Pre-built residential spaces/villas

If buying interests you more than self-build then we have pre-built villas and spaces for you to purchase on day 1

Basic Essential Job Roles

You can choose your Avatar and the basic essential job roles that come in Phase One. Your Job roles not only define you as a person but also encourage other citizens to interact and transact with you

Ability to interact with other citizens

As man is a social animal, we believe in an environment where you can make new friends and interact on daily basis with the pseudo-personalities around you

Form your own rules and regulations

Although we do provide basic survival rules but beyond that our DenCity Citizens can form their own rules and regulations as a community to strive and thrive

"Our First Civilization and its Citizens will form the basic building blocks and lifestyle architecture for further civilizations to be released "

Metaverse = Real World

Best(Avatar) Friend

As the game encourages interactions between avatars we see the world evolving from a simple left or right swipe to a more interaction, personality and choice based matching. We foresee many Avatar friends and relationships translating to real-life friends and relationships

Earn in meta-life spend in real-life

As the meta-environment replicates the actual environment and with the integration of blockchain your earnings in Dencity metaverse directly add to your earnings in the real life

Governance & Security

We believe that rules and regulations are necessary to function as a society. Without governance driven by a consensus mechanism the society as an entity can collapse and this is primarily the reason that all the governance is in the hands of our citizens and you choose the way you wish to live as a community or sub-community. There is no single parent company that controls this metaverse as everything is driven by smart contracts and your earnings and assets are completely yours similar to the cryptocurrency you own

Road Map

Successfully Launch and execute ICO

Rule Book

We release a rule book for basic survival in our environment

Basic Individual Needs & Essential Professions

A list of basic amenities and essential professions is released. This stage acts as a basic building block for the next stages and civilisations

Formation of Civilizations & Advanced Professions

Other civilisations are released and now you can pick advanced professions and hobbies

Inter-Civilization Interactions & Trade

Upgrade for Inter-civilisation communication along with trade leading to inter-civilisation economy

Technological Inventions

A tech upgrade marks the beginning of the new era in all the environments which makes life easier and more fun for citizens

Galactic & Planetary Upgrade & Exploration

New environments are released that enable space travel and exploration

Inter-Planetary Trade and Communication

Colonisation of planets and communication between different galactic civilisations

Diego Matic
Andre Broz
Marloes Pomp
Marloes Pomp
Program Officer - Blockchain Dutch Government
Alok Gupta
Alok Gupta
Director of Data Science at Airbnb
Anshul Srivastav
Anshul Srivastav
CIO, Union Insurance
Simon Cocking
Simon Cocking
Editor-in-chief, CryptoCoin.News
Andrew Koh
Andrew Koh
Director, Investment Management Association of Singapore
Michael Street
Michael Street
Senior Digital Strategist- Burrell
Dr. Stylianos
Dr. Stylianos
Data Scientist, Member of Royal Statistics Society, London
Cordel Carter
Cordell Carter, II
Executive Director, Socrates Program, The Aspen Institute
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